MSH Group creates homes for small businesses. We can quickly configure spaces to meet the specialized needs of a wide range of commercial and industrial tenants. Specifically:

  • We perform most construction services internally, employing a fulltime team of experienced construction personnel.
  • We can amortize specialized construction costs over the length of the lease. For instance, food service tenants often face significant tenant improvement costs.
  • We have significant expertise in navigating planning issues and the conditional use permit process.
  • We have extensive experience with health department regulations.
  • We can install specialized electrical services to meet industrial requirements of our tenants. All our buildings are supplied with industrial level electrical power.
  • We have solar energy power plants on the roofs of some buildings.
  • We have plans to convert some of our buildings into condominiums. Doing this will depend on sufficient interest from tenants to offset the fixed costs of subdividing the property.

Frequently-asked questions for tenants.