Distributed Renewable Energy Production

Solar panels on roof of Richmond Cooperative

Renewable energy offers an important pathway to a sustainable future. Yet many factors complicate the installation of a such a system in a multi-tenant building. For example,

  • How does the property owner separately meter each tenant in a multi-tenant building?
  • How will the system be financed?
  • What type of roof problems are created by installing a solar system?
  • Who will install the system and what type of equipment is best suited to the particular application?

Assuming some level of debt is used to purchase the system, access to the of the system's output is critical. This data must be used to calculate the expected electrical revenue.

Detail of daily solar output production (kWh)

MSH Group installed a state-of-the-art system that provides online monitoring of its photovoltaic plant on a daily and monthly basis. The graph on the right is a detail of the daily output analysis.