MSH Group brings an array of tools and a wealth of experience to the challenge of converting out-dated buildings into financially sound properties.

Raising money to purchase and rehabilitate a struggling property can be the biggest piece in the puzzle.  Contamination, unreinforced masonry, vacant and abandoned properties—such conditions often mean that improvements must be paid in cash until the building is restored and fully leased.

Each project demands a unique financing solution: all cash, Mellow Roos bonding, SBA 504 & 7A loans, brownfield lending, hard money, and seller carryback financing. Our experience spans the gamut.

Engineering, Architectural & Planning
MSH calls on the services of several architectural & structural engineering firms.  We also have established relationships with leading environmental engineering firms and risk control specialists. These and other professionals provide the strategic advice to ensure successful outcomes.

Legal services
We employ environmental and contractural legal counsels to prepare contracts and review Indemnification agreements and sale documents.

Regulatory Environment
Prior experience with regulatory agencies is an invaluable asset. We regularly work with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB), county health departments, and a variety of local agencies, including planning, building and public works departments. The list is long and growing daily.

Historic Structures
The conjunction of creative financing and skillful restoration work is the key to successful historic renovation projects.

It begins with an assessment of the value of federal and state tax benefit, and requires close attention to the State Office of Historic Preservation. The goal is a structure that is both an historical asset to the community and a solid investment in the marketplace.