Frequently-asked questions


Q. When does my lease expire? Can I get a copy of my lease?
Log-in to your account, enter your password, and review your lease on-line or print it out. If you have not yet set-up an MSH web account, please call us at (510) 215-5134.

Q. Can MSH Group come to fix my lights?
See lease section 7.1 under Lessee’s (Tenant’s) Obligations. Once your tenancy has begun, this is not the landlord’s responsibility, .

Q. Do I need insurance for the space that I rent?
Yes, you need to provide MSH Properties evidence of current insurance annually and we must be named as "Additional Insured" on your policy.

Q. Why am I responsible for common area expenses?
Under the Basic Provisions, section 1.6, each tenant with a “Gross Industrial” Lease is responsible for common area expenses. They may include lights in a common area hallway or a portion of the cost to have the building sprinkler monitored in case of a fire. You are only billed for a portion of the direct costs that are incurred. Your lease states your percentage of common area expenses.

Q. What happens if the tenant above me breaks a water heater, and the resulting leak through the ceiling damages my copy machine?
This situation and similar scenarios are the reason that each tenant must carry property and general liability insurance, typically called a BOP or Business Owner's Policy on their leased space. Your insurance would cover problems like these.

Q. What are the boundaries of the space that I lease?
Each lease includes a drawing of your space and its square footage.

Q. Can I ask the landlord to build a loading dock at my leased space after I've signed my lease?
Tenant improvements are set before you sign the lease and are an attachment to your lease. Any improvements after a lease has been executed must be discussed with management. A decision is made as to whether a TI will be possible. If so, it would be performed at the expense of the tenant.